Composite Plantation Shutters

Composite Shutters


Woodlore Composite Shutters

Woodlore Shutters start with a premium, solid, MDF composite wood core, and employ only the finest MDF materials and technology.
UV inhibitors protect against color fading and yellowing, and the patented polypropylene coating resists staining to ensure long-term performance in a variety of environments. Woodlore Shutters withstand temperatures up to 140° F, and won’t sag when exposed to window heat. In addition, they resist cupping and warping by using engineered stiles that ensure a straighter panel, tight closure and smoother panel and louver operation.

Woodlore Plus Composite Shutters

Similar to Woodlore shutters, Woodlore Plus uses an advanced ABS material for the louvers that allows for a more durable louver and wider panels.  With panel width up to 36″, Woodlore Plus has all the same advantages of the worry-free Woodlore, but with the same structural abilities of a hardwood shutter.  It’s our go to shutter!

Woodbury Solid Poly Shutters

Legendary style with added protection to push the limits. Woodbury® is made from advanced ABS polymer and offers enhanced waterproofing with a UV inhibiting finish. Stunningly beautiful with an array of options. A shutter so advanced, it’s impervious to humidity and condensation, great for any room.

5 Reasons to Buy Norman Composite Shutters:

  1. Lower Cost than a wood shutter – 10% – 20% less
  2. UV Protected, Warp Resistant, Low Maintenance
  3. Precision Engineering – A Prefect Shutter Every time
  4. French Door Cut-outs, Motorized, By-Pass & Bi-Fold
  5. Worry Free Operation – Easy to Clean & Maintain